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Snapchat revealed in its newsroom that a new update will be available on its iPhone app in the upcoming weeks, making messaging with acquaintances more fun and engaging. In this article, you will learn about Updates Snapchat for iOS.

What are the updates for Snapchat for iOS?

Users will be able to respond, react, and now even poll friends on Android and iOS devices after this update is launched, according to Snapchat.

Chat Reply — You can comment to direct messages in an active chat with Chat Replies, which helps you keep discussions on topic and interact with context. Hold down a message in Discussion and touch Reply to create a thread.

Bitmoji Reactions — It’s easier than ever to express yourself on Snapchat with Bitmoji Reactions. There are seven Bitmoji expressions to pick from, so you’ll be able to respond to any message quickly and easily.

Benefits of Snapchat – How Snapchat is the best?

Poll Stickers — You can now attach Emoji-powered Polls to Snaps as well as Stories to get responses from your buddies. Snapchat visual polls function on both iOS and Android, so all of your friends may engage and express themselves. Additionally, Snaps Polls were created with openness in imagination could see how your friends who voted to ensure thoughtful and courteous responses. Check out the new Poll feature in the Sticker folder to get started.

Improved Calling — To make live chats more enjoyable, Snapchat redesigned its video or audio calling interface. Adding Lenses and previewing who has answered a conference call before you attend is now easier than before.

Snapchat further mentions that, in addition to its improved calling functionality, users may choose from countless of video calling-compatible Lenses, giving them even more possibilities to express themselves.

Final Note

Snapchat released a separate “Story Studio” video editor for iPhone users in December. Snap describes this app as a “quick and entertaining way for producers to create advanced, interesting vertical videos to upload on Snapchat”. Because Snapchat’s app lacks numerous editing options. Additionally, creators will have much more advanced methods to modify their videos this way.

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