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Snapchat announced on Wednesday that it is releasing a Snapchat’s new feature called “Custom Landmarkers”. This feature will allow creators to create customized AR experiences for local websites they care about. The functionality, which is available in the business’s Lens Studio; helps to construct landmarkers for items like statues and storefronts in creators’ local areas, according to the company.

After testing during Snap’s Lens Fest event in December, the new function is now available. Physical Snapcodes placed at the landmarks can be used to find the new custom landmarkers.

Snapchat’s new feature roll out

The rollout, according to Snapchat, is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve its AR platform and empower its audience of 250,000 Lens makers to create new experiences that improve how people learn and explore.

“In 2019, we launched Landmarkers, which are patterns of 30 famous sites from across the world that developers may build on,” the business stated in a statement. “However, our AR creative community has an endless number of places to create anchored, location-based Lenses. Custom Landmarkers are now available in Lens Studio; allowing creators to anchor Lens to local sites they care about in order to create richer narratives about their community through augmented reality”.

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Snap’s Lens Network members got first exposure to the customizable landmarkers and have already started launching AR experiences in the community. QReal, a New York City-based artist, has transformed the storefront of the city’s first Asian-American-owned independent bookstore into a paper pop-up book. In Los Angeles, developer BLNK turned Paul Smith’s pink wall into an AR canvas; using Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa’s new song “Sweetest Pie.”

The firm claims that as its AR platform evolves, it wants to make sure that the moments created by creators enhance its consumers’ well-being. Snapchat will control AR material on its platform to achieve this. However, it states that before making it accessible tp public, all Lenses are approved by its moderation team.

Final Note

The business revealed at its Lens Fest event that 250,000 lens developers from over 200 countries have created 2.5 million lenses. Moreover, these lenses have more than 3.5 trillion times viewers. Meanwhile, Snapchat’s TikTok clone Spotlight paid out a net of $250 million to 12,000 producers for their posts. More than 65 percent of Spotlight submissions, according to the business, employ one of Snapchat’s customization options or lenses.

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