Sony Confirms Shut Down Of PS3, PS Vita, PSP Stores This Summer

PS3 and PS Vita PlayStation Store shutting down this summer

Rumors were around the corner, but Sony officially confirmed shutting down PS3 and PS vita stores this Summer. They have publicly declared the dates. The company will discontinue On 2nd July 2021, PS3 consoles, and on 27th August 2021, PS Vita. Moreover, there will be an impact on purchase over these through online stores from 2nd July 2021.

This means you won’t be able to buy these devices from the stores, as Sony itself will discontinue the selling. If you already own any of these two, then you won’t be able to make any further purchases for games or videos. But you can definitely view the pre-owned videos and play the games.

Features you can access on pre-owned devices.

Let me share the content that you can use even after this closure: –

  • The games you have already purchased from Playstation 3 store will be intact. You can play those games, re-download them as well.
  • If you have already bought any media or videos, you can watch them after this closure.
  • The reward system will be there, and you can claim your rewards and redeem games.
  • If you haven’t purchased the game but have claimed it with rewards, it will remain intact as well. You will be able to play or re-download it.
  • The free games which you have claimed with your membership will be active till your membership last.

PS3 and PS Vita PlayStation Store shutting down this summer

What features will be discontinued?

Let me make it easy for you to understand and make a list of features that will be discontinued: –

  • The Playstation Store for PS3 and PS vita will be closed. The user won’t be able to make any further purchase of games, videos, or any kind of digital content.
  • Apart from that, you won’t be able to make any purchase in between your game, like any accessories or weapons.
  • Last but not least is, any purchase through PSN wallet funds will not be allowed anymore through PS 3, PS Vita, or PSP devices. However, your balance funds will be intact, but you can only use it to upgrade your device, that is, to buy PS 4 or PS 5.


With this official announcement, Sony has informed you in advance. So that you can make your purchase before that, or you can plan for your next Playstation device.

You can check the restocking date of PS5 in India.


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