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There Is no denying that SD cards have Altered the way we Store/carry digital info. Nevertheless, SD cards have always been delicate and prone to damage, but with Sony’s new’Tough’ SD card, that is going to change.

As its name implies,’Tough’ is about strength. Sony Asserts the new SD card is the ‘world’s toughest and quickest,’ and 18 times more resistant to bending than traditional memory cards. This is reached by a monolithic structure that eliminates the danger of information loss because of physical harm.

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Tough additionally features a brand new’ribless’ layout that does away with Breakable components like the write protection switch. The monolithic structure further makes it possible for the SD card to become IP6X compliant. Sony states that Difficult (and the information stored on it) can survive being submerged in fewer meters of water for up to 72 hours. If the card becomes dirty, it is easily washed in clean water and discharged for use again. This item is shock-resistant, and ready to withstand being dropped from a height of 5 meters.

Aside from the ruggedness, Sony Tough can also be quickly. Equipped with Sony’s High-speed capture technologies, it can reach write rates of up to 299MB/second. This, as well as the incorporated UHS-II service, make the card Perfect for devices like professional-grade DSLR cameras. Sony Tough is offered in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage capabilities.

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