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Sony unveils the next-gen PS5 VR controllers with adaptive trigger technology

PS5 VR controllers

Sony has unveiled the news about the launch of its own brand newest VR controls for its PS5 now. The orb-shaped controls look a lot more similar to average VR controls compared to existing PlayStation move motion controllers. Plus in addition, PS5 VR controllers have the exact identical elastic trigger technologies which were available earlier in the Dual Sense PS5 controller.

Each control contains specific upgrades in it. Sony is aiming to use the most advanced technology in the future VR games. The brand newest VR controls look to be an exaggerated model of this Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 controllers, having a tiny joystick plus also a trigger button alongside the thumbs.

 In their post, Sony additionally clarifies a number of the qualities of those brand new controls can bring. As for example fingerprint detection, tracking, haptic feedback, triggers, and much more features are available in it.

What’s new in the Sony PS5 VR Controllers?

“This also gives you the opportunity to produce more natural gestures along together with both fingers during game play,” claims Hideaki Nishino. He is the head of stage planning and Management in PlayStation. 

Of course, these controls may even include tracking to Sony’s brand new VR headset with a ring in the base of the controller. These certainly appear even much better in excess of the PlayStation Move controllers, together with improved reliability, also.

Sony has teased first that it is working on a next generation VR headset to its PlayStation 5 past month. They have  also now revealed the controls that will work with it. Even a Sony blog-post demonstrates two black controls (for left and right side) together by which company said it appears as an orb” shaped. Sony states there aren’t any constraints on its specific design and can enable programmers to make exceptional game play adventures. The Company additionally talked about its prototypes of those new VR controls that will probably be provided to the development community soon.

Here now we will discuss its insights more deeply:-

Design of Sony PS5 VR Controllers

First thing that you are going to notice about the next generation VR controller would be the exceptional style, and layout. It appears to be in “orb” shaped which permits one to grip the control properly, with full freedom.

 You’ll find no constraints while moving both of your palms, providing developers having the capacity to produce exceptional gameplay adventures.

Sony has designed the newest control with fantastic adventures in mind. It is well rounded and cozy to grip in each of your hands. It has proper learning from testing users of various hand size ranges. Sony has worked passionately on this new controller also with the years of insights across all of the PlayStation platforms. 

The end outcome appears in the iconic look and layout which could adjust how VR games have been played with.

Features of Sony PS5 VR Controller

The brand new VR controller empowers the gamers to feel and also interact with various games in a greater manner. You can find plenty of capabilities, including key features from your Dual Sense controller. It suits the vision to which Next generation VR games will be there.

Here are some of the best features available in the Sony VR Controllers-

  • The controller will probably possess haptic feedback optimized because of the form factor in it, making just about each and every sensation in the overall world of the game more things, textured and more impactful.
  • The control performs the detection of your fingers with no pressing in the parts at which you set your palms, index, or center fingers. This gives you the opportunity to produce more ordinary gestures along together with both fingers during gameplay.
  • The controller contains one particular analog stick, both the circle and cross buttons, also a “grip” button (the first right), activate button (the second right) and Options button. Even the “grip” button may be used to decide on in-game objects, if needed.
  • Each VR control both on the left and right side includes an adaptive trigger button which provides tension once pushed. It is very similar to what is available in the Dual Sense controller.

Final Words

Sony has developed this all new VR controller and it is catching the eyes of people from all over the world. They are ready with PS5 VR controllers and are thereby waiting for its final confirmation check from the developers. It has the best immersion with the adaptive triggers which makes it even more attractive. Let’s see when it launches in the market.



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