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‘Splitgate’ developer is “eyeing up” a Nintendo Switch release.1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx has shared that the team is “eyeing up” and bringing Splitgate to the Nintendo Switch, though can’t make any promises if it’s possible just yet.‘Splitgate’

Proulx said that “we love the Nintendo Switch,” and added that “we want to see Splitgate on every platform if and when that makes sense.”

“Right now we are careful not to compromise our core vision and promise to our existing community to grow Splitgate into the best game it can be. But we need to balance the desire to grow our audience. With doing right by our existing fans. So as we grow we’re eyeing those options. But can’t promise anything just yet,” Proulx explained.

‘Splitgate’ developer is “eyeing up” a Nintendo Switch release

Although 1047 Games is not sure of a Nintendo Switch port of Splitgate just yet. Fans may hope to play the sci-fi shooter on the go.

Earlier in the month, Splitgate season one launched – bringing a custom level creator, two new game modes. A rework for foreign destruction map was in consideration.

These two game modes give a major focus to Splitgate‘s own take on capture the flag, and another is called Evolution – “a round-based mode where each round, the team that lost the previous round gets improved weapon load-outs.”

‘Splitgate’ developer is “eyeing up”

As for the future of Splitgate, in late 2021 Proulx said that Splitgate and Halo Infinite “will help each other” in the long run. Prolux is not worried about any competition stemming from Microsoft’s well-received game. For more tech-related stuff subscribe to Techvivi.

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