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Recently, Spotify Car Thing is getting constant updates to make the journey amazing for its users. It will now have ‘add to queue’ and call answering features in its framework. The $90 device, which comes out in February, enables users to have different functionalities. 

  • To bring songs and podcasts to a queue
  • Control other media
  • Utilize voice commands

When a user will get a call it will be visible in the Car Thing UI, but subscribers will be free to accept or dismiss it. They can move among Spotify & other multimedia via settings, voice commands, or swiping the panel.

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Spotify Car Thing ‘add To Queue’ And Call Answering Feature

Spotify claims that the “add to queue” option for Car Thing is among the feature that most users are asking for. Users can get there using their voice (using the “hello Spotify” prompt), tap, or the smartphone’s dial. One may also tell Car Thing whatever sort or type of music one wishes to hear and it will produce a customized playlist for you. Ask for any genre, mood, or activity to get a personalized playlist for any mood: Users may now simply ask for any genre, mood, or activity to get the music they want to hear

Play & control additional content on the Car Thing device

Users can now stream & manipulate different media on the Car Thing device. By using defaults, speech, or even tapping the screen, they can quickly return to Spotify.

The Car Thing gadget intends to be a more efficient way to operate Spotify while driving. It connects to with phone by Bluetooth, or else one can either run a wire to attach it to his car. Another thing needed is to have the smartphone link to the car through Bluetooth. It may not have a rechargeable battery, so one needs to keep it connected to your car’s USB port. The services will be available to iOS users immediately. However, Android users will be ready to access them later at some point,” as per Spotify.


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