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Spotify launches Greenroom, another Clubhouse competitor

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Greenroom, Spotify live audio app, was launched on Wednesday as the Swedish online music streaming giant’s response to the popular Clubhouse platform. Greenroom users can participate in live discussions or host their own. Spotify announced in March that it had acquired Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room, which introduced the live audio format into their ecosystem. The app has been redesigned as Greenroom.

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Spotify launches greenroom

Greenroom, a live audio app, is now available on iOS and Android, marking the company’s first serious attempt at building a social media platform. On the social audio app, which is similar to Clubhouse, users can have live conversations about sporting events, music, and entertainment. The company announced- “This move provides yet another opportunity for creators of all types to connect with their fans more deeply and meaningfully”. The app comes with new app branding and overall look, users will be able to join Greenroom using their Spotify log-in information. It also adds a new onboarding experience that puts users’ interests front and center, according to the company. Users will be able to join Greenroom using their Spotify log-in information, and the app will have a new app branding and overall look. According to the company, it also includes a new onboarding experience that prioritizes users’ needs.

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Spotify greenroom competitor Clubhouse

According to AppMagic, Clubhouse has been downloaded over 18 million times since December. Twitter launched Spaces in December, and Facebook hosts Live Audio Rooms. So other tech giants have joined the live audio bandwagon. However, there are still concerns about the platforms’ ability to utilize their content. They’ll also have to compete with Discord. Video game players are its primary target. Discord has over 140 million users and has offered live audio since 2015. Because of its focus on music and, more recently, podcasts, Spotify has the advantage of already being an audio platform.

Final note

Spotify Greenroom is now available on iOS and Android in 135 markets around the world. However, Spotify, which is available in 178 countries, has a much larger global reach. For the time being, it’s only available in English, but that will change as the app grows.

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