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Music streaming service Spotify launched a new personalized experience named ‘Only You’.This feature maintains a timeline of your listening history, a ‘dinner party for your top 3 artists. Blend feature to discover music with your friends.

“Audio Birth Chart”- Only You 

Another mind-blowing feature introduced by Spotify is  “Audio Birth Chart”.This feature reveals the listeners listening habits on the app. This service is also providing them insights into their emotional state while listening to music. Previously it launched a feature in which it tells the streamers about which artist do they listen to the most.

The ‘Audio Birth Chart’ is like an astrologer. Based on the music taste of the user it can determine three artists from their library. Sun artist that is most listened to by the user since January 2021, a Rising artist that is recently discovered by the user and can’t stop listening to and a Moon artist,  an artist a user listens to that depicts their “emotional or vulnerable side”.

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Apart from this Spotify will also show their users the variation in their music taste. They will show user, Artist Pairs. This means a combination of different artists that users have listened to recently. The Your Song Year will enable users to know the music from different time periods they have listened to this year. Spotify can even show its users what time of the day they listen to music or their favorite podcasts.  Dream Dinner Party feature provides users personalized playlists on artists they want to “invite for a dinner party.”

As compared to all the other music streaming apps, Spotify has always been the most amazing music streaming apps. The yearly Wrapped playlist which came at the beginning of the year provides users with an accurate list of the music they listen to the most every year. But don’t confuse this ‘Only New’ feature with ‘Wrapped ‘.The ‘Only New’ feature shows how well the company has understood a person’s listening habits and gives recognition to the fact that every person’s listening habit is unique in its own way.

In order to use this new feature of ‘Only You ‘ following steps need to be followed –

Step 1: Download the latest version of Spotify from the Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS.

Step 2: Open the app. Tap the Only You. You will find it at the top of the screen under the Recently Played row of music.

Step 3: You will see a few ‘stories’ that will show you personalized statistics and information. You can add personalized playlists to your account.

Step 4: You can search for the personalized playlists in your library. You can also pin them so that you can get quick access and you can listen to them whenever you want to.

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