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Steam Game for free– An over on Steam is free for a few hours, but then it disappears. Steam users can currently download Utopos for free, but only until 1:00 PM EST. If downloaded within this timeframe, it is free and yours to keep forever. You will have to spend $10 to buy the game if you miss this window.

Utopias were releasing on March 29, 2021, by Utopos Games. Resulting from a collaboration between Jani Penttinen and Utopos Game Studios. In other words, it’s been around for a few weeks. According to Steam user reviews, the game has 75 percent positive ratings among 24 reviews, with 75 percent of users praising the game.

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The official pitch for the game says that “the magic of Utopias still exists.” The game’s original launch was in 1993, but it hasn’t changed since then. “Utopias is a multiplayer spaceship arena fighting game. Utopias are easy to pick up and provides countless hours of fun activities with your friends! Situated at the Asteroid Belt, Utopias is a colonized world inhabited by humans who left the earth searching for a better life.

How to use Steam Game for free?

Another Steam game for free has been made accessible for a limited time. As of right now, and until May 17 (1:00 PM EST), all Steam users can download Galaxium for free. In normal circumstances, you’d need to spend $1.99 for the game, so this isn’t a huge bargain. But if you’re looking for a free game and aren’t interesting in free-to-play, this could be your perfect match.

The arcade game, Galaxian, is the brainchild of Tony Munoz and Dario Carnelutti and publish by Wulum LTD. On Steam, the game has only six reviews, five of which are positive. That would mean 80 percent of users recommend the title, but this stat isn’t significant with such a small sample size.

Rocket ship combat has become a popular sport, and it is up to you to win. Find out who is the ultimate rocket ship fighting champion by picking your ship and weapons and battling against others! The video game Utopos allows you to train on your own with AI-controlled robots. It fights just like humans as well as with other players. Get your friends together and play Utopos – this might be the most fun you’ve had in ages!”

Since the game was there available during publishing, it’s unclear why it is now free, but as in note, that won’t last forever. By the time you view this, you might not be able to access it.

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