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Steps to hide unwanted posts on your Instagram wall. Here are tips to eliminate those undesired posts from your Instagram feeds. Here is the procedure to go along with to end drowsing the proposed feeds for the coming 30 days.

Instagram has currently been getting a number of updates together with some proposed posts scrolling impetuously on the Instagram page.

The posts that Instagram shows on your feeds are those proposed posts. These posts are according to the posts that you previously follow on a daily basis accompanied by the posts on which you have commented or your familiar followers have liked and according to how famous the post is.

At times you might like the reels and posts which show up on your Instagram page, but sometimes they may not be interesting for you at all, then you, once in a while, would desire to smash the cycle and shut off the suggestions shown by Instagram. Sadly, many face the challenge to stop seeing the proposed posts, and to aid you to get away, we guide you with a step-by-step explanation to help you remove these posts from your Instagram accounts.

Following are the steps to hide the unwanted posts from your Instagram page:

  • Open the Instagram app or on your browser
  • Select the three dots which you see on the proposed post in the top right corner of the post
  • By doing the above-mentioned step those dots will take you to an option stating ‘not see the posts ‘
  • Now select the cross button

(Now, this will end the proposed posts in your Instagram feed)

  • After this, click on the snooze option which will stop all posts for the coming 30 days to show up on your Instagram feed.

Another way to hide the suggested posts from your Instagram wall

  • The other way to hide these proposed posts is to select the option stating ‘Not Interested’. This will help to stop the posts to show up on your Instagram wall.
  • This ‘Not interested’ option is accessible in the top right corner. You may also add some reasons mentioned
  • According to your choice, you may select the reasons and hide the posts.

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