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Facebook’s plans to launch an Instagram for kids under 13 continue to draw criticism. The 44 states urge attorneys general signed a letter on Monday, asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to scrap plans for a youth-targeted Instagram. Investigators found that privacy and mental health issues prompted the letter. A similar letter by child safety groups and congress was there less than a month ago.

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It has a history of failing to protect the welfare of children on its platforms. The attorneys general are interested in protecting our youngest citizens. So their proposal to create a platform that encourages kids under the age of 13 to share content publicly is contrary to that interest.

Instagram For Kids -What 44 States says 

It will allow parents to monitor their children’s online activities, Facebook claims.
A Facebook spokesperson told CNN Business that kids are already online as every parent knows. “We want to improve this situation by bringing parents visibility and control over what their kids are doing,” she said. Moreover, we commit today to never showing ads in any Instagram experience we develop for children under 13.

We will consult with child development, child safety experts, and privacy advocates while creating these experiences. Representatives of Congress and enforcement authorities will also be there.

What’s more with Instagram for children?

According to a Facebook spokesperson, as a founding sponsor of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Digital Wellness Lab, Facebook also studies the impact digital technology has on children.
Buzzfeed News found an internal Instagram document in March stating that the company “identifies youth work as a priority for Instagram”. The plans were underway for a version specifically designed for children. After publishing a blog post titled “How Instagram Is Keeping Youngest Members Safer. It revealed that Instagram needed to do more to fight abuse, bullying, and other issues on the platform. Instagram announced today that it does more to combat these issues.

Instagram Not Needed For Kids – 44 States Stated 

At a Congressional hearing in March, Zuckerberg talked about the plans to create an improved version of Instagram geared toward a younger audience. In response to the free services offered to teenagers and children, Florida GOP Representative Gus Bilirakis said. “I find that very concerning, specifically targeting this group, 13 and under.” “Or do you plan to monetize our children as well and get them addicted early?”

“There is a significant number of kids under 13 who would like to use a service like Instagram,” Zuckerberg said. Under the terms of the Instagram platform, a user must be at least 13 years old. Some younger users also have accounts, but due to the lack of strict age verification. It is also there that children. “Might not fully appreciate what content is appropriate for them to share with others, the permanence of anything they share online. Who has access to what they share online,” the attorney’s general stated in their letter?

CEO must understand that there is a huge difference between browsing through kid captions for Instagram and creating Facebook for children under 13. Wrapping up I ask you, How old do you need to be to use Instagram? Please jot down your answer iin comments below.

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