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Tapu Bulu Raid Hour In Pokémon GO: April 2022



Pokemon GO’s third Raid Hour is going to Happen on 20th April, from 6 PM TO 7 PM. The Alolan Legendary Tapu Bulu is featured in the Raid. Once again the Tapu Bulu before the new Alolan Legendary leaves raids is replaced by Therian Forme Landorus. The Therian Forme Landrous is getting its release next week. The Therian Forme Landrous is releasing for next week’s raid hour. But firstly let’s focus on this week’s Raid Hour.

This is the third Raid Hour of April 2022. The third Raid hour is going to happen in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go will feature the Grass/Fairy-type Tapu Bulu. During the event on April 20th, Wednesday, from 6 PM through 7 PM. Most Gyms in the game are all set to host Tier Five raids. The Alolan Legendary Tapu Bulu will be featured in all of these Tier Five raids. Tapu Bulu is a Grass/Fairy-type game. Using these tips and information gamers can optimize their gameplay during the Raid Hour. These tips will help the gamers to earn more and more points.

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Tapu Bulu Raid Hour : April 2022

Pokemon GO players can take the advantage of Double Weakness of the Pokemon. It will help you with a few trainers to take down a hard boss of the Pokemon. This tip will only help when the Pokemon has a dual typing that also shares an overlapping weakness. For instance, you can go Solo Genesect raids as it is a Steel/Bug-type. Both types of Bugs are weak to Fire-types. As Tapu Bulu is a Grass/Fairy-type it has a double weakness compared to Poison-types. Fairy-types are not as plentiful as typing as compared to Rock-types, Dragon-types, and Fire-types when it comes to having overpowered pokemon’s under the umbrella of Poison-type. You may need some guidance in this case.

We advise you to build a team by using Tapu Buli Raid Guide for the Pokemon GO Raid Hour. The guide will help you figure out how to have a ton of overpowered Pokemon, and how to train them. You can also check out the comprehensive guide available for the Raid Hour. The coach will guide you not only in team building but also about the right move that will help you to counter in order to perform well and achieve optimal performance in the game.

Final Note

The third Raid Hour of April 2022 in Pokemon GO is featuring Tapu Bulu. Tapu Bulu is the game of Grass/fairy types. Gamers can use the weakness of the Fairy-type to have more Pokemon. The Pokemon Raid Hour guide will help you in this. 


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