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As e-commerce new rules threatens to muddy plans, the Indian Tata Group is taking a stronger interest in the ecommerce rules shaping online marketplaces.

In a meeting with government officials on July 3, the $106 billion conglomerate, an e-commerce minnow, spoke far more loudly than market leader Amazon.com Inc about proposals, including a ban on affiliates‘ products.

Impact of Ecommerce rules 2021, Tata

Several attendees reported that, as per Poornima Sampath, Tata’s vice president. The online gathering that the rules would put much more burden on a conglomerate’s many entities and interests than on smaller competitors.

Tata did not comment on this article. An inquiry to Sampath went unanswered.

Two weeks earlier, the government targeted online marketplace operators by proposing stricter regulations against new ecommerce rules upsc. In the marketplace, Amazon and Walmart Inc’s Flipkart were viewed as the two largest players, so the government’s plan aimed to counter their dominance

This change in stance by 153-year-old Tata share indicates the degree to which it is changing course.

Tata ecommerce and other Brands

British luxury car Brand is its famous international name. Locally, it makes cars under its brand Jaguar and Land Rover. In addition to steelmaking and IT (TCS nextstep) outsourcing, the group operates hotels and airlines. Moreover, Tata’s ecommerce: Tata CliQ is another initiative by the company.

Tata’s strength, Offline business rather than ecommerce

It operates Zara stores and a joint venture with cafe operator Starbucks Corp. Tata share price has an extensive offline retail portfolio. Five people with direct knowledge of the company’s plans said it is a minor player online and is determined to change this.

Tata acquisitions before ecommerce news

The company purchased a majority stake in BigBasket, an online grocer, for over $1 billion in May. Alongwith purchasing an online pharmacy, 1mg in june. As per three major sources, they expect major brands to join Tata’s pilot project, this year.

According to anonymous sources, Tata plans to buy more brands when tata e-commerce news takes off. Consequently, that will mean much more revenue. As sources did not have the authority to speak publicly, So they declined their identity.


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