Team of Apple Wallets – Till now, Apple was never very vocal about the use of Cryptocurrency. A recent job listing by a Cupertino-based tech major suggests that the company may be considering adding Cryptocurrency to its payment solutions.
An Apple Wallet team member is looking for someone knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. Business Development Manager Alternative Payments is a new job posting at the company this week.

Cryptocurrency is as of the “key qualifications” required for the position, as CoinDesk spotted first. The company is also looking for experience working with BNPL, Fast Payments, and digital wallets, among other alternative payment providers.
As part of the requirements for the position, you must have more than ten years of experience in business development, including six to ten years in financial services. Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce or the WPC team will hire the selected candidate.

What’s more team of Apple Wallets is looking in the Manager

As part of Apple’s effort to develop new Alternative Payments Partnerships, a new job posting was published. The listing calls for someone with experience developing alternative or emerging payment solutions to consider for the position.

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As far as Apple is concerned, this is the only public statement in recent years regarding cryptocurrencies. Apple Pay has not seen any development since it hinted it would be watching cryptocurrency back in 2019.
Although traditional banking majors remain skeptical of cryptocurrency, Apple is largely untapped in this segment. In addition to accepting cryptocurrencies on Apple Wallet, Apple can also integrate its cryptocurrency exchange desk. In the same way Tesla bought Bitcoins earlier this year, it can invest directly in cryptocurrencies.
Whatever option it chooses, it will be interesting to see how the world’s largest technology company engages in the world of cryptocurrencies.
Work experience with alternative payment options like cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is in need. Apple is looking for an employee to join the team that oversees Wallets, Payments, and Commerce.
With this position, the company might be evaluating its entry into the cryptocurrency industry.

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