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Tesla Car survived Tornado Sentry mode video captured



Tesla Car survived tornado

Tesla Car Survived Tornado – An electric vehicle caught in a tornado caught on Tesla’s Sentry mode survived the tornado and filmed the entire ordeal in San Francisco on July 17, 2009.
The Model X, which weighs 2,459 kg (5,421 lbs), did not move during the incident. With its battery pack mounted at the bottom of the car and heavier weight, it likely had a low center of gravity.
In addition to Tesla’s Sentry Mode, the vehicle is there with Autopilot cameras that detect movement around the car and record it for safety purposes.

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Facts as Tesla Car Survived Tornado

As the Tesla Car survived the tornado, several objects flew around the car and onto it. Electrek reported that a video taken from another angle of the Tesla vehicle showed other vehicles crashing into each other due to the tornado.
Although the car owner notes that the Model X is hit by debris, the vehicle is still drivable.

Damages expect to be there by their insurance company.
The report states that tornadoes are relatively rare statistically. In the US and Canada, they form about 1,000 times a year. A hundred times a year, they occur.
According to the US National Weather Service, recent trends in temperature have been increasing, something some attribute to climate change.

There was a significant tornado outbreak in Barrie, Ontario, which results in nine injuries and 5 kilometers of damage. But no one was in danger.
According to preliminary reports, tornadoes receiving an EF-2 rating experienced winds of up to 210 km/h (130 mph). It is to perfection that it survived. The amazing of all for Elon Musk to happen here as in such a huge thing.

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