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Google Doodle appreciated the frontline warriors battling the COVID 19 pandemic by thanking them for their consistent efforts throughout. Google Doodle designed their latest GIFs extending gratitude to the Corona Virus Helpers working tremendously in fighting the pandemic. This thank you extends to all the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, cleaners, ward boys, and security men. Every one of them is selflessly working in this regard and definitely deserves this kind gesture.

Google says -“Thank You Corona Virus Helpers”

This second wave of coronavirus has worsened the situation outside. With no beds, oxygen shortage, and increasing deaths it has become so difficult to cope up with whatever is happening. But this also a situation when we are able to see true humanity. People are coming forward to help each other through various social media platforms more than ever. Google also made a kind effort in spreading hope in these difficult times. It posted a kind message on their website “Today, we’d like to say: To all coronavirus helpers, thank you“.

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Google Promotes Precautionary Measures Against Corona Virus 

Google Doodle has been making consistent efforts in promoting precautionary measures against corona since the outbreak of the pandemic. It posted on Twitter the importance of wearing a mask when the cases were rising rapidly. It also posted about the importance of maintaining social distancing during the post lockdown period. Google thanked people for successfully following the precautionary measures i.e for following the protocol of “do gajj doori, mask hai zaroori”.

The company expressed its gratitude towards the frontline workers through these animated and thoughtful doodles. Google created ‘Thank you coronavirus helpers images’ and ‘Thank you corona virus helpers doodles’. Jessica Yu, the Doodle Team Lead wrote in a blog post, “As with all of our Doodles, we hope the series allows for helpers everywhere to feel seen, heard, and valued and for everyone to remember there will be a light at the end of what could feel like a long tunnel”.

What do those animated GIFs depict?

All the ten doodles were designed in a such way that the first letter G represents the gratitude of Google towards these workers and the last letter E represents the different professions. All the designs have two things in common, the masks on the face of various professionals and the practice of social distancing.

The company claimed that for the first time it developed so many animated GIFs on the same theme that too in such a short span of time. From medical professionals to cleaners company extended this hearty gratitude to almost everyone who is working round the clock in fighting this pandemic and saving lives. This series started on 6th April with Sunder Pachai’s announcement regarding the same on Twitter.

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