NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games launch The Valorous Conquerors Championship

Valorous Conquerors Championship

Valorous Conquerors Championship – Beginning June 15, registrations for VALORANT Conquerors will be accepted. You can find out more about the prizes and prize money by reading on.

More in The Valorous Conquerors Championship

Nodwin Gaming, South Asia’s leading esports organization, has launched the VALORANT Conquerors Championship, a qualification competition for South Asian players. Team members who qualify for the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers will be part of the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2021. After competing in numerous sub-regional qualifiers, the winning team will advance to the APAC Last Chance Qualifier. What is the registration process for the Valorous Conquerors Championship? Read the article to find out more about this tournament, the Valorant Conquerors championship prize money, and rewards.

Also, each region will have a number of spaces, which will be filled online. Participants in the playoff stage will compete in online qualifying rounds. In the playoff round, the seeding for the grand finals will be determine. Teams from Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan compete in APAC Last Chance Qualifying.

As of June 15, registration will open for the VALORANT Conquerors Championship. In addition, 25 Lacs (33,000 USD) will award to the South Asian teams through sub-regional awards.

Across the globe, NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games are leading the esports circuit as the Valorant scene in South Asia expands rapidly. The event will result in a strong representation of South Asia at international events in the future. In the words of Mr. Akshat Rathee, the MD and Co-Founder of NODWIN Gaming, this is a fantastic opportunity to raise the visibility of South Asia’s entire VALORANT ecology. For instance, Considering the diversity of the community and the amount of attention it has receive in the last year. A spot in the Last Chance Qualifier is well deserve. The VCT 2021 ladder was design to link South Asia with the VALORANT esports roadmap by NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games.

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