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Developers, the wait is over now. You will be excited to know that the Messenger API for Instagram is now open up to all developers. It will allow the developers to make it possible for brands to offer messaging experiences on Instagram

What are the uses of Messenger API for Instagram?

Instagram is not only a medium to enjoy with kith & kins and share cultural and social thoughts. Moreover, it is a place to connect with brands. Here messaging plays an important role. Whether it is a reply to a story or dm. It is important for both customers and brands. As, it increases the accessibility of the brands and helps the customers to reach the best brands. Moreover, it will help them drive more meaningful conversations that increase customer satisfaction, and as a result grow sales. 

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Messenger API beta test

For the Messenger API for Instagram beta testing 30 developers and 700 different brands participated. While working a variety of different use cases were discovered for the API. However, three key points which specifically came out and the major requirement of businesses were:

  1. Many businesses want to manage all communications in one place. 
  2. Most of the businesses want to extend their investments in workflows, tools, and people efficiently across channels.
  3. The API helps to deliver a high quality and improved customer experience.

Since October, the Instagram Messenger API is under beta testing with a group of select businesses of all sizes and developers. The bands were new tools to manage their customer communications on Instagram at scale. Developers can use the New API features after a successful beta test. New API features will allow businesses to integrate Instagram messaging with their preferred applications and workflows. 

Final note

The Instagram Messenger API will be available to all developers who want to have meaningful conversations that increase customer satisfaction and business growth. Business accounts on Instagram will be able to use Messenger API very soon. Moreover, the access will be rolled out with a phased approach. 

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