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Threads Messaging App -

Instagram has stated that it is closing down its standalone Threads Messaging App; which it introduced back in 2019; mainly as a Snapchat replacement for connecting close acquaintances. Threads, as you may or may not know, is a messaging app that was originally created to keep in touch with your Instagram inner circle, permitting text, photo, and video sharing among only individuals on your Instagram ‘close friends’ list.

But then, in the month of October, last year, Instagram released an update to Threads that included all of your Instagram conversations, not just those from close friends, thereby making it a chat app like any other. The only difference with Threads currently is its ‘auto-status’ feature, which assigns an emoji status update to each user without them having to manually input such, by assuming what each user would be up to at any given time based on their location, activity, phone’s battery level, and so on.

Reason to Discontinue – Threads 

So there seems to be no reason why customers should download a separate messaging app, specifically now that all of their Instagram and Messenger chats are already linked, facilitating communication in two of the company’s most popular messaging alternatives (which WhatsApp also coming soon).

As a result, it makes perfect sense for Instagram to discontinue Threads, which it has now confirmed to TechCrunch following multiple internet reports. Instagram said it plans to extend the ‘fun and distinctive features’ of Threads to the main Instagram app, which will most likely include the auto-status option.

Why Use GB Instagram?

Instagram has already been experimenting on this, as app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered. This would ultimately eliminate the need for Threads entirely.

It’s unlikely that many people will miss the app.

Threads is likely to have fewer than 100k users currently now. Additionally, Meta is trying to consolidate its messaging choices and allow greater cross-app sharing. The existence of Threads goes against to the broader goal, indicating its doom.

Final Note

According to Instagram – Threads deactivation will take place by the end of December. The company will notify its users in upcoming days. If you’re among the few Threads enthusiasts, it’s time to return to Instagram. You can also find another platform for your close group discussions.

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