Top 10 Apps for Your iPhone in 2021

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Your iPhone can do much more than allow you to communicate by voice or via FaceTime. The App Store has a huge number of apps that turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker, an encyclopedia, or a tool for learning foreign languages. And in some cases, you don’t even need to download any apps. Your iPhone lets you play online slots for 22Bet live betting or read useful Wikipedia articles from the browser. But you need to download apps for other activities. 

However, the App Store is packed to the brim with apps – there are millions of them. There are good ones as well as useless ones. But it’s not worth wasting your time – just use this article to learn about the most useful apps for your iPhone.

Microsoft Outlook

The lightweight and easy-to-use mobile version of Microsoft Outlook for exchanging emails support almost any account. It even has a separate mailbox for important emails.

The app is updated frequently, is available for the Apple Watch, and supports 3D Touch technology. Unlike other Office Mobile programs, Outlook for iPhone is completely free.


Email app from Google is a great tool for communication. Like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail allows you to read emails from Hotmail, Yahoo, and other accounts using IMAP protocol.

Gmail doesn’t integrate your calendar like Outlook does with the iPhone. However, the app gives you a more convenient way to interact with your email database than Apple’s pre-installed mail. The service itself is fast, convenient, and even allows you to cancel an email you’ve sent within five seconds.


Vimeo is a more “mature” version of YouTube, which is why it made it into these interesting iPhone apps. The quality of video and content is higher here. You’ll find plenty of independent films, music videos and professional-level comedy clips. No catcalls, memes or compilations of bike falls. Not to mention the commercials and offensive comments you see all the time on the most famous video service.

TuneIn Radio

Internet radio remains one of the wonders of modern technology. You can listen to both broadcast and Internet stations without geographic or even time restrictions. Want to go back to the ’40s or ’50s? There are dozens of stations with that kind of music.


Flipboard is an app that collects content from your favorite social networks, digital publications and blogs and turns it all into a kind of magazine. The app is free and only requires you to create an account.

Flipboard looks especially good on iPad. The clever use of gestures makes the application incredibly convenient. It also looks good on the iPhone, even despite the smaller screen.


Kayak is a great all-purpose travel app. It can help you find and book flight tickets, hotel rooms, cars, and much more.

The companion app for the Apple Watch shows all the notifications you need right on your smartwatch. Another plus is detailed maps of more than 100 airport terminals.

Weather Underground

There’s another great weather app for the iPhone, Weather Underground. The standard weather service on iOS is almost unnecessary.

The secret to Weather Underground’s success is that the app has a wealth of weather information for your area, and the interface is simple and easy to customize. Even weather geeks will be satisfied.


When visiting remote places, it’s far from always possible to get a signal. However, it is often necessary to determine where you are. To solve this problem on the iPhone there is an application called Maps.Me. In fact, it is an offline map.

With one click, you download a map of the entire city or area. You won’t have to worry about getting lost if your connection to the network goes down. The app shows transportation, local cafes, and even routes for bicycles.

Maps.Me is based on the OpenStreetMap open-source project. That means no corporations can follow your every move. For a small fee, ads are turned off, although they are not too intrusive.


Most of the photo editing apps on the iPhone work with the image itself. ProCamera, on the other hand, is one of the few apps that can adjust the frame while you’re shooting.

The app’s interface is reminiscent of a digital SLR camera. You can adjust ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed and white balance. The stabilization feature waits until the phone is stationary before taking a picture. Everything is done perfectly.


If you have files scattered across multiple devices – work computer, home PC, and laptop – you need a reliable tool to keep them in sync. Dropbox lets you keep your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere with internet access.

The iPhone app makes working with the service even easier. It has a simple interface, easy loading and quick synchronization with all accounts.


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