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Top Tech Stocks to buy in 2021 that is predicting another boom in the future



Top Tech Stocks

Top Tech Stocks – Technology remained a haven during the global pandemic, while many sectors suffered. Technology took off across the globe even though people began to build four pillars. Artificial Intelligence adoption has dramatically increased over the last year and a half. As a result of the sudden surge, the stock prices of tech companies have also soared. When it comes to picking top tech stocks to invest in, investors have different preferences. It would be best to invest in tech stocks regardless of how much or how little you plan to invest.

Technology companies specializing in AR/VR or software may attract some people, while others may be interested in disruptive technology companies. All of these investment options prove that tech stocks are emerging as the best option for investors. The top tech stocks to buy in 2021 indicate that the market expects another boom shortly. For enthusiastic investors looking for companies that could help them climb the profit ladder, Analytics Insight has listed the best tech stocks to buy in this article. 

This weekend, buy these top tech stocks

Zoom Video Communications Inc

Due to the lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak, many sectors, including the federal government, began relying on video to communicate effectively. Users can organize virtual meetings, audio meetings, webinars, live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities using Zoom, a cloud-based video communications application. Zoom soars triple-digit percentage in sales in 2020 as a result. If the company keeps up the growth pace, it should be easily able to reach the US$1 trillion valuations by 2030 despite its ambitious goal.

 WhatsApp New Feature – Message without Phone


Using PayPal is an excellent way for online sellers to reach millions of shoppers globally. The application allows users to sell products or buy them online, as well as make payments online. E-commerce store owners can also accept credit cards easily. Due to the demand for digital purchases and payments, PayPal’s stock has soared over the past year. Earnings jumped 85% year over year last quarter, according to the company.


Micron Technology

Memory and storage technologies developed and manufactured by Micron Technology are used in computers, data centers, networks, and automobiles. Micron competes with leading solution providers such as Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM), etc. Despite spiking profits, the company’s stock is constantly falling despite its earnings. Stock prices of the company are expected to rise, however, as demand for chips increases.

Sea Limited

SEA Limited provides online digital content, e-commerce, and payment platforms for personal computers and mobile devices. Its profits from its gaming division are triggering its performance in the e-commerce market, where it previously operated as a gaming company. The company’s recent profits and stock prices have also risen due to support from various sources. 


After Auddia announced its flagship Auddia app in the App Store ahead of schedule, its shares rose by 26 percent. Auddia combines disruptive technology with mobile and web apps to simplify audio solutions, including podcasts, radio, and audio content on the go. Eventually, the app will draw more viewers, raising the value of the stock. 


Nintendo creates, produces, and markets hardware and software for interactive entertainment. To make its solutions fun for customers, the company works hard. As a toy manufacturer 130 years ago, Nintendo has evolved into a tech company that provides video games and other products. Despite its 6% drop in price in recent weeks, the company cheered its fans at the E3 video game showcase and was eager to do well in the days ahead.

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices manufactures semiconductors for use in computers. The company’s various components are also produced by the company, including flash memory, graphics processors, motherboard chipsets, and other features. AMD stock prices exhibit similar volatility to many tech stocks. The company’s stock was down by nearly 20% at the beginning of the year, but recent events indicate that it is up by 12%.


ASML (Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography) is a leading manufacturer of chip-making equipment in the world. A company’s star customers include Intel, which uses ASML’s machines in microchip manufacturing plants to create microchips used in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. The stock price of the company soared by up to 46% in the first half of 2021.

Verizon Communications

The company offers communications, information, and entertainment. Video, data, and wireless services and products are provided in the company’s consumer segment. Verizon’s stock has had mixed results since 2021 compared with its rivals.

Elastic N.V

Elastic N.V. provides data search features for consumer and enterprise applications through its structured and unstructured data. The main product of Elastic Stack is the data ingest and storage from multiple sources and formats and searching, analyzing, and visualizing the data. The company Elastic N.V intrigues many investors in the tech sector. Investments have been powerfully attracted by its tremendous increase in the total addressable market (TAM) over three years.

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