How to track WhatsApp chats secretly

WhatsApp is the most widely used chat application all over the world. It is a free application that allows the user to send encrypted messages to their contacts. It also provides features of convenient media sharing, conversing through voice notes, and video calls. Being an easy-to-use app, WhatsApp is a popular chat application worldwide. According to the latest statistics, WhatsApp has total active users in the year 2021 of more than 2 billion which is way more popular than other popular social media platforms, Facebook and WeChat. The number included individuals of all age groups.

But when it comes to monitoring someone to avoid them from WhatsApp messenger vulnerabilities, the WhatsApp tracker app plays a more important role.
Let’s dive in to know more about its chat functionality and how WhatsApp tracking software works.

What Does the Chat Functionality of WhatsApp Do?

WhatsApp uses the internet to send images, videos, and texts to people. Being free to download, WhatsApp has risen in popularity. It allows people to exchange texts, media, and calls at any given time, the only requirement being the app and the internet. The users can share text messages, media like images, audio and videos, and current location via WhatsApp.

track WhatsApp chatThe chats between users are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by any third party easily. Texts can be edited and forwarded to multiple people at the same time. This also makes the app convenient for group chats. Through broadcast messages and WhatsApp groups, a single message can be sent to many people in just one click.

Why Would We Want to Track WhatsApp Messages?

To Monitor Kids

With the wide popularity of WhatsApp, the threats are also increasing. Cybercriminals and evil elements on the Internet are attacking younger users and making them the prey of their ill intentions. In this constantly technology-driven world, not using WhatsApp is not an option anymore.

Whatsapp parental tracking

In these cases, parents need to spy on the WhatsApp of their kids. They can monitor their kids’ WhatsApp usage activity using a WhatsApp message tracking app. It helps parents to track texts, media, and location sharing. Parents can also monitor the people their child is texting regularly with and also the nature of the conversation they are involved in.

How Can I Track WhatsApp Chat Secretly?

You can track the WhatsApp chat secretly by using a spy WhatsApp application. This software provides multiple features for effective tracking of all WhatsApp activity. It works in stealth mode, hence, does not let the target phone know of the tracking. You can track WhatsApp chat secretly in the following easy steps:

1. Install TiSPY

Although TiSPY is compatible with all the models then too, before selecting a plan of your choice, you can check your and target’s phone compatibility with the software here. You can then select the plan of your choice and buy it from here. Install the app on your and your target’s device.

2. Register & Login

After installing the register on the app on both devices. It will then generate your login credentials, and then you are allowed to access the app through your credentials.

3. Start Tracking

You can now start tracking the WhatsApp of the target’s device secretly. TiSPY provides a dashboard to its users from where they can access all the tracking information easily.


The world is constantly driven by technology. With this rise, the dangers of the same are also rising. WhatsApp is gaining a lot of popularity among users worldwide. This popularity is creating a question mark on the safety of young kids using the application and even the productivity of the employees. To save your kids from the dangers of the app, a WhatsApp message tracking app, like TiSPY can help. It lets the users track the overall WhatsApp activity of the target to ensure their safety or productivity.


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