Windows11 Taskbar in macOS-like Dock

Microsoft launches Windows11 OS with many amazing changes to its taskbar. One of the progressive changes is setting up the search bar in the center. This is preferred by many of the users but at the same time, several people do not like it. They may prefer to get back to the windows10 interface with its taskbar and the start menu. Some people also want to turn Windows11 Taskbar in macOS-style dock. If you are one of those who want to go for the latter category, there is something different available for you.

Get a macOS-like Dock in Windows 11

TaskbarXI is a handy tweaking tool for Windows 11 that enables users to alter many features of the Taskbar. The software there can transform the Windows11 Taskbar in macOS-style dock, among other things. However, this feature is modest because the TaskbarXI software is still in its early stages. But apart from this, it gives the Taskbar in Windows 11 a new look.


It aspires to be the upgrade version of TaskbarX, a popular Windows modification program. However, as previously stated, it is still in its infancy. There is currently no graphical user interface (GUI) available. Fortunately, you can install the C++ application to integrate a macOS-style dock to Windows 11 from its official Github page.

 Furthermore, the application is presently working on the Windows 11 home screen only. As a result, if you maximize a window, the Taskbar returns to the original. On the workstation, however, it will show as one dock, along with the system tray appearing as a distinct and small dock at the lower right screen. Additionally, in Windows 11, you may move the macOS-style dock Taskbar to the bottom left of the screen. Also, the program supports DPI resizing and is compliant with either the bright or the dark themes.

However, because the application is not having any graphical user interface, there is only one way to close it. If you want to return to the regular Windows 11 taskbar use Task Manager to close it. After that restart File Explorer to implement the changes. Moreover, according to the creator, the latest version of the application is “just for testing reasons.

Final Note

You can easily try this option on your Windows 11 machine. All you need to do is download TaskbarXI, then execute the application, and replace the default Windows 11 Taskbar with a macOS dock. Integrate this option on your machine and you can try a Windows11 Taskbar in the macOS-style dock.

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