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Twitter has launched a new feature that enables people to respond to tweets with a videos or a picture. Rather than just reacting with text, one may now just insert a tweet into video. This feature is also offered on TikTok, so if you’re a Tik-Tok user, you’re probably already familiar with this now. You will know more about Twitter New Update in this article.

Twitter New Update

The microblogging site’s Twitter handle revealed the installation of the new feature. When retweeting a post, a new feature named “quote tweet with reaction” will display. You’ll be led to a page in which you can capture a picture or video after clicking on it.

Users can also select a photo from their photo library. In a video which a user has captured, the initial tweet is automatically shown. The New interface may remind you of one of the Fleets that Twitter has terminated.

This feature is reportedly being examined by the organization and is only available to iOS users. It is still undetermined when Android users will be able to even use the feature. At the present, text is the only way to respond to tweets.

“Twitter reaction videos are now available! On iOS, choose “Quote Tweet with reaction” when tapping the Retweet icon to build and modify your own Tweet Take,” Twitter added.

Final Note

Few people have expressed concerns about this component’s misuse since then. The reaction quotation tweets may be used for badgering, according to reports. Users will be able to turn off the reaction highlights for tweets on Twitter in order to do this. In any event, this option is now unavailable, and it’s questionable whether the company plans to make it available in the future.

“Right now, you will not have the option to turn off who can and who can’t” use the feature on your tweets, according to a Twitter representative, because it gains the usual statement tweet function. In addition, Twitter has discovered on its own that using a different plan allows you to create a tweet directly from the main calendar view, rather than having to hit on a button that takes you to a form page.

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