Twitter iOS update – prevents tweets from disappearing

Twitter iOS update -

Twitter iOS update will avoid tweets from vanishing while users are reading them. The shift comes after the social media behemoth recently modified its web platform so that new tweets are no longer immediately added to timelines. Twitter recognized that in the past, when users’ timelines automatically refreshed, tweets would disappear from view as they were being read, causing a frustrating experience.

“On iOS, we’ve made some changes to avoid Tweets from disappearing in the middle of a read.” In a tweet, Twitter stated, “Now when you pause your timeline scrolling to look at a Tweet, it should stay put!”

Twitter iOS update – Announcement

The business announced in September that it would be making changes to the way it shows tweets so that they wouldn’t disappear in the middle of a sentence. Twitter’s web and iOS platforms have now received these changes.

Twitter says it’s working on improving the disappearing tweet experience on Android as well. But it’s unclear when those changes will arrive.

Twitter Rolls Out Tipping Feature on Android

After giving out full-size image previews on mobile earlier this year; Twitter has announced that it will no longer crop image previews on the web.

Images will now display in their entirety on Twitter for the web, with no cropping. Instead than guessing how an image would appear in the timeline, photographs will appear exactly as they did when they were shot.

In March, the social media giant began testing the modification with a limited group of iOS and Android users.

Other Twitter iOS update

Twitter has already been working hard to improve its platform and make its services more accessible. Additionally, these changes are part of that effort.

The social media behemoth recently added the ability for users to share direct links to their Spaces. This allows others to listen in on a live audio session without logging into the platform. All Android users over the age of 18 now have access to the company’s in-app tipping option.

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