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Twitter is aiming to answer all the questions, as it continues to see a growth in interest in NFTs. This is something like Crypto Punks as well as other digitized collectibles and cryptocurrencies on its page. The social networking company launched a tool today that allows users to prove their control of a particular NFT.

Twitter News: Launches NFT Profile Pictures

Someone can link their ether wallet to their Twitter account using this tool. After that, that user can use their NFTs as Twitter profile images inside a hexagonal frame, with the hexagon fulfilling the same purpose as Twitter’s blue check marks as an authenticating marker.

For the time being, these authenticated NFTs are only available to iPhone customers who subscribe to Twitter Blue, the company’s premium membership service.

It’s a minor but major step for Twitter, that has been trying to capitalize on CEO Jack Dorsey’s interest in digital currency and turn Twitter into a hub for cryptocurrency discussions, which is becoming one of the internet’s most popular topics.

These NFT profile photos are the first project to be publicly revealed since Twitter established a dedicated section within the firm called Twitter Crypto to think about implementing blockchain technology into the company.

iPhone users will get this Twitter feature soon

Twitter had stated a few months ago that bitcoin would be accepted in its Tips feature. This feature allows users to contribute funds to a producer on the site.

Twitter’s inception coincides with a significant event: According to a report  published today on Meta’s plans for NFTs, which appear to be quite similar to Twitter’s.

Meta, the company once called Facebook, is reportedly planning to build its own market and process for establishing NFTs. This will put it in direct conflict with a slew of present NFT startups, the most prominent of which is OpenSea.

Final Note

Meta would like you believe that its vast scale 3 billion Facebook and Instagram users. So, it will offer it an advantage in this battle. If you believe that way of thinking without questioning.

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