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Google Stadia is set to close down on January 18, and forward of that date, Ubisoft is now rolling out PC copies of games to participants who bought games on Google’s platform.

Rolling out now, Ubisoft is giving out new licenses for games that participants bought on Google Stadia that work on Windows PCs. The transfer is occurring not via codes but rather naturally through Ubisoft Connect. From what we can tell, Ubisoft began this process sometime on Friday, December 16, and it is now happening on a broader basis.

We’re not completely aware of just what triggers this transfer, but it seems to be having your Ubisoft and Google Stadia accounts linked together. In our own test, we’re seeing Ubisoft games that were never really played on Stadia showing up in our account, which appears to back up the theory that this is on an account level instead of a game-by-game level. You can link your Ubisoft and Stadia accounts via your Ubisoft account settings.

Privately, I didn’t buy many Ubisoft titles on Stadia, but I am noticing Immortals Fenix Rising, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and two Trust titles occurring in my PC account and public for download on Windows. Other Ubisoft titles in my account, such as Uno, Family Feud, The Crew 2, and Trials Rising, were moved a few hours after the initial journal of this post. Our Kyle Bradshaw was also capable to ensure that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla had moved over to his account, though it was the singular title he saw at the time.

As far as we can speak, there’s no way to check if titles have originated from Stadia or not, if this transfer has even occurred on your account, or if there are other games to be transferred. There’s no information from Ubisoft on the matter. Update 12/19: Ubisoft has approved through email that, yes, the migration procedure is officially underway.

For those who are noticing games transfer, it’s worth noting that protect files only come over if the game has cross-progression via Ubisoft Connect. This uses in games such as Immortals, Assassin’s Creed titles, and more. Games are simply playable on PC for now, but other cloud services, such as GeForce Now and Shadow, should be capable to access them. Amazon Luna is also now letting participants sync their Ubisoft libraries to the platform as long as they have a Prime subscription.

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