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A top British government official is associating with a phone company proposal for a new Phone-Tracker service. This new service talks about women’s protection and tries to help protect women walking alone. This idea came after one incident that happened on the streets in the UK. An idea pitched amid ongoing outrage over the slayings of two young women.

UK Eyes ‘Walk Me Home’ Phone-Tracker to Protect Lone Women

The chief executive of the biggest phone company, BT, proposed the idea of a “walk me home” service. They proposed this idea in a letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel. This app is very interesting. What exactly happens in this app is that once a woman activates an app on her phone, the service would track her journey and send an alert to her emergency contacts if she didn’t reach her destination on time. Lifeline call button.

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As per confirmation from the U.K. Home Office Patel had received the letter and would respond in “due course.” One thing to add to her, Patel was very much supportive in comments to the Daily Mail. Karen Penny

The “walk me home’’ service could be up and running by Christmas, the Mail reported.

The service would complement Britain’s existing nationwide emergency number, Jansen said. BT has run Britain’s 999 emergency number for 84 years and is currently upgrading the system. Emergency necklace alarm.Karaline gsm.Elderly fall alarms.Emergency care line.Uk undocumented.

Final Note on phone-tracker

This service came into force after one incident that happened in March. In March, Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, was abducted, raped, and killed by a serving police officer who was convicted of murder and other charges. After the happening of this incident, women’s security became a major concern in the UK. Emergency necklace alarm.

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One incident happened with Primary school teacher Sabina Nessa. She was brutally killed.

“Everyone has their own perspective of changing society, I can change society by providing innovative technology to improve personal safety to women”.Uk undocumented.Lifeline call button.

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