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The newest version of the iPhone OS, iOS 15.4, is in the release. Universal Control to iPads and Macs is going to be available for installation soon prior to the launch of Apple’s latest third-generation iPhone SE and green iPhone 13 on Friday. The version comprises new features such as the ability to use Face ID with wearing a mask. Also, it includes minor tweaks including a new set of emojis. The newest iOS version comes with iPadOS 15.4 & macOS 12.3, both of them support the new Universal Control feature.

Universal Control is a feature that lets users use their Mac’s mouse and keyboard to handle an iPad wirelessly. This includes dragging and dropping documents from the tablets to your computer. Universal Control includes macOS Monterey 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4 on your Mac and iPad.

Following testing Apple’s new mask-friendly Face ID technology in beta. I  it makes excellent work of detecting the faces even though nose and lips are hidden under a mask. But sunglasses and floppy hats can indeed throw it off. There is caution, though, that activating the new update may make Face ID less reliable in the long run.

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 There are several other features other than Universal Control to iPads and Macs are new anti-stalking feature for Apple’s AirTag tracker. These also include a new Siri voice, is among the other innovative capabilities. There is also compatibility for a forthcoming Tap to Pay feature. This allows iPhones to take cashless transactions, although third-party companies will need to include the support to make it operative.

All iOS 15-compatible phones, such as the iPhone 6S  or higher, can upgrade to iOS 15.4. However, iPadOS 15.4 is ready for any and all iPad Pro devices, the ipads Air the second generation or higher. This includes the iPad mini fourth generation or higher, and the fifth generation and later of the base iPad.

Eventually, macOS Monterey 12.3 is consistent with the respective models: iMac (late 2015 and relatively new), iMac Pro (2017 & relatively new), Mac Pro (2013 & new), Mac Mini (2014 and latest), and so on. Users can follow the path: Settings > General > Software Update on their iPhone or iPad to see if the upgrade is available. Go to Device Preferences > Software Upgrade on a Mac.


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