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Upbeat Music App – Don’t let social distancing come in the way of your music band’s dreams



Your band hasn’t been getting together due to COVID? The good folks at upbeat music got your back. The upbeat music allows you to jam and record music videos together with your band mates online. The app focuses on helping you synchronize across multiple video/music streams accounting for lags and other such issues. They do this by getting each player to record their own parts seperately and then you can instantly watch the merged video with your partners. This is the closest you come to fun group music videos during such anti-social times.

The app provides a good way for educators to teach kids, allows for real time collaboration or basically just have fun with your friends. Their free tier allows 4 particpiants per room and 2 rooms per week (30 minutes per room). The unlimited pro version costs 20 USD per month and allows you unlimited rooms per week and unlimited time limit. As a pro member, you can invite your free friends who get the benfit of extended time limits but the rooms per week on their free tier continues to get exhausted when they come into the free version.

It seems like a fun thing for schools to invest in, allowing everyone to have unrestricted access to the room. Upbeat works with the chrome browser and doesn’t yet have an ios app yet (What?!?!) but are working on making this happen “soon”. If not anything else, you should just give them a try for the novel attempt at encouraging the arts during such hard times.

Give it a whirl here:

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