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Now Instagram is attempting to let users tag products available in their Instagram posts. It has made product tagging feature available to all users in the United States. It clearly implies that users will no longer need a business or creator profile to tag product lines in their posts. The feature will be accessible to all ” soon in future” starting today. Instagram is evolving as a shopping application where you can buy almost anything. 

As an aspect of its early rush into e-commerce, the app first introduced product tagging in 2016. Slowly and steadily it starts supporting product tags in short videos and story posts (and, eventually, Reels).

How Users Tag Products in Instagram Posts

No doubt Instagram is transforming the shopping experience for an individual. Also, it is has added a native checkout feature that allows customers to purchase products directly from tags, as well as the capacity for innovators to tag products in their posts. 

  • To get started with tagging a product, initially, the user needs to create a post.  
  • After selecting your filter & completing any necessary modifications, move ahead to the next page.
  • Then just tag the brand of the product with the tag people feature.
  • There will be an option of “Tag products” from here, tap the item in your photo or video.
  • Simply search the brand’s product and add a tag. Product tags will start appearing to other users and they can click on them to buy.

As per the spokesperson from the Meta- Anne Yeh, influencers will not be paid for purchases via product tags. The app is currently on trial with an affiliate program with select creatives that allows them to earn a payment on tagged products.

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With 1.6 million users tagging at least one product a week, Instagram now has an amazing list of users tagging products in their posts. Enhancing the attribute to its whole userbase may be helpful in increasing product exposure through organic, non-sponsored posts. This will result in the potential opening up of a whole new market. Here users can share the items they want with friends & family on the application.

As per Instagram, because users tag products, company holders will end up receiving a notification. Furthermore, the posts with tagged products can be seen in a business’ tagged section on their profile. Through their settings menu, brands may become capable of turning tags and everybody on the system on or off.


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