HTC is planning to release a new wrist-based controller interface for its Vive Focus 3 VR headset. The Vive Wrist Tracker is a portable device that a user can wrap around his/her arm like a wristwatch. They can track their orientation and location from arm to elbow. It is meant to supplement the current controllers on the business-oriented headset. This is especially for prototype and training scenarios where body posture is crucial. It is within of a bigger set of new innovations HTC announced at CES, along with a VR experience driven by 5G.

The Wrist Tracker is more like HTC’s Vive Tracker device, which was earlier launched in 2017 that is a small, light, and customized product. It arrives with a strap and a toggle that determines whether the user should wear the tracker on the left or right arm. It is unlike the mega Vive Focus 3 controllers. This is a design to connect to the headset wireless and communicate movement data without requiring the headset’s cameras to view it. The Virtual Reality training company recalls using it to guarantee that participants are carrying a virtual fire extinguisher in the correct position.  It is something that a portable controller alone cannot always identify.

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 VR Wrist Tracker: Vive Focus 3 headset

The tracker will be available in the first half of 2022. But for now there is no confirmation about the price. It will be most useful with perceptions that are build particularly to make use of it. It is, however, one of HTC’s less exotic gadgets, a group that includes a smart lip tracking device. HTC has also make an announcement for the release of a “portable, private 5G experience” in collaboration with Lumen Technologies.

It’s a Vive Focus 3 program that offloads the majority of the data processing to a distant computer. Then they transmit it over a private 5G network using Lumen. Since experiences may need a lot of processing power send with minimal latency to headsets. But mobile VR has been a long-standing viable use case for 5G networks — though it has not been transformative in the sector yet.

Final Note

The business also reveals a charging case along with an additional accessory for charging multiple batteries at once at CES. They aim at location-based entertainment providers such as arcades that need to swiftly switch out batteries for many headsets.

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