WEB3 for Threat Recognition

WEB3 for Threat Recognition. Incorperating born artificial intelligence into Web 3 systems is a logical progression. All software sectors are being influenced by AI, and Web 3 is no exception. However, there are fundamental technical barriers to bringing AI technology into the Web 3 stack.

The pillar- Software

Venture capital giant Marc Andreessen coined the phrase “software is consuming the world” in 2011, as companies that existed in the physical world are moving into the digital world. I summed up the idea that the software would be its pillar.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has called on banks to utilize cutting-edge tools such as Web 3.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect fraud and create early warning systems. “The IBA (Indian Bankers Association) should coordinate the use of Web3, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and in-depth analysis of data. The use of AI should be an immediate priority for banks, especially When it comes to detecting fraud and creating early warnings when things go wrong, Sitharaman said, she added that banks can use Web3 AI for a variety of purposes.

FM Sitharaman issued a statement while addressing the IBA’s 75th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Mumbai.

Sitharaman spoke on a variety of topics including the need for banks to implement robust cyber security measures. Is she ready with enough firewalls, she asked. Are your systems safe from hacks and other “black swan” events that could bring them down? She asked the bank to digitize processes and train employees in technology awareness. rice field. “Anyone can access it as long as they can keep phone banking and digital systems available,” she continued, FM. Financial Services Secretary Sanjay Malhotra echoed this stance, urging banks to use technology, and said banks that suffered “losses” as a result could even “fail.”

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