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There are various best nintendo DS Emulators out there right now. During testing, they performed pretty well most of the time. There aren’t many emulators out there that work right with every game. The best emulator has a host of features, including a screenshot, menu customization, controller configuration, help for all hardware peripherals, fast forward, cheat codes, video output, and so on. The emulation runs the latest versions of the games and can use any expansion packs available for the system. 

Here we have discussed some of the best nintendo DS Emulators-


EmuBox is probably the best Nintendo emulators out there. It is available in the Android Market and is one of the top DS emulators available. The reason why this device is the best is because of its impressive list of features. First, you can use it with almost any android smartphone such as the iPhone and the HTC Desire. Second, it comes with over 45 million rooms that you can use to back up your NDS files.

EmuBox also offers an all-in-one nintendo DS Emulators that you can use to play and enjoy all Nintendo DS games. This device allows you to use up to four different rooms in a single machine which can be helpful if you want various backup types of game rooms or have a lot of different games. You can also save slots for other applications as well as saving data for your NDS.

The second best emuBox is the Open-Source emulator. The reason why this is the best is because of its affordability and its open-source program. Although it is an open-source program, it is still viewed as exceptionally reliable and robust because it comes with an extensive database of codes needed for your device. Plus, since the software is free, there is no need to pay for the commercial version as you can download the source code and configure it according to your specific requirements.

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Another pro about the emubox is the fact that it has very few cons. It is because most of the things it lacks are those that are in commercial programs. First, it does not have many flashes and hence will take a long time to load, but this is very important when you play Mario and Zelda games. In addition, you do not need to wait for the system to catch up because it will run well even if you have a low-speed internet connection. 


Another best new emulator for the use of people on the go is the RetroArch. It is another  RetroArch based software. The difference between this one and the other two is the added ability to use new applications. What this means is that you can import any ROM file into your RetroArch and play it in it so you can save your time by just connecting your Nintendo ds to your computer.

This particular program is mainly used by those on the move and doesn’t want to carry around a large handheld game console. They can quickly put their portable device on a small laptop or mobile screen. If you are looking for the best Nintendo DS emulator to use people who are always on the go, then this is the application for you.

. One of the most extraordinary things about this is that it will enable users to have custom touch controls, gamepads, screensavers, and much more. If you like your games to be exactly how they were when you originally bought them, then this is the one for you. It also allows users to save states from going back and forth between games with different controls. You can save forms by selecting a button combination on your controllers to bring up a screen where it can do this.

NDS Emulator

The third version of the DS emulators is what you might be looking for is the NDS Emulator. The basic features include the ability to save states and restore states. You also get a dashboard, which shows your activity and connects with other people on the internet. It is excellent for playing games online with others who might be down from time to time. You can also adjust the game’s speed to suit your skill level, which is a big plus for those who don’t want to spend hours trying to get to the next level. You also get support for an external wireless controller, which is very useful for those who enjoy playing games with friends or family who can’t always stay with you to help.

It is probably the unique program we have seen in this entire review. Today, the best emulators emulate many different types of games, including the original Super Mario for the NES, Zelda games, gun games, and more. There are over 30 levels in this version, which makes it one of the highest quality DS emulators. It will allow you to play through every mode available in the game, including boss battles. If you love playing these old Mario games, then you will love this program!

Super NDS

The last program we will look at in our Best Nintendo DS Emulators review is the Android Emulator for DS. It is one of the newest programs on the market, and it is a significant advancement over the older versions of the DS devices. The most prominent feature of the software is that it will allow you to play DS games with almost any version of the Android smartphone that is currently available. If you own an Android smartphone based on Jellybean or Kit Kat, you will be able to take advantage of this software by installing the SuperNDS.

So what are these pros and cons? There are quite a few, and it all comes down to two critical points. The first of those two points is technical know-how. The SuperNDS beat the previous program in our review because it is the only current version of the program that works with the most recent version of the DS handheld console. The other point is that it emulates many different types of games to run on some of the unique handsets out there. If you have a device that has an open-source operating system, then you might want to invest in this program, as it is one of the most accurate and reliable ways to enjoy your favorite DS games on the go.

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