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Portable applications are software programs that are designed to be easily moved from one computing system to another. This article will discuss the best portable apps and how they’re so different from traditional apps.

Difference between Regular apps and Portable apps

What makes the portable app different from regular ones is how they get installed in Windows. For instance, when one app is installed in Windows, its installation files are usually placed in different locations. They’re usually copied to a single file folder in C:\Program Files destination. It contains all the settings that one might need to use that app. Then there is also a hidden ‘App Data’ folder inside each accounts user folder. Regular apps also create entries in the Windows Registry that contains configuration settings. These apps also store user-specific settings in one place in the system and other system settings in another, and that allows the apps to take better advantage of multiple Windows features.

Portable apps are devoid of all these features. They don’t need an installer. All the files that portable apps need reside in a single folder which can be put anywhere on the system. Apps will still work the same if a folder is moved around. Instead of installing, portable apps typically download as a ZIP file. When that ZIP file is extracted, it produces an executable file for the app. The settings are saved in files right in the same folder. Hence, portable apps are portable; they can be stuck onto any USB drive and can be carried around from one computer to another. They don’t leave any footprints on these computers.

Best Portable Apps

Now that the gist of what portable apps are has been explained, let’s look at some of the best portable apps being used to date.

  • Google Chrome. This is the most common portable app being used everywhere on the internet. It can be used to browse the web. Google Chrome links to one’s Google accounts and saves all his information – bookmarks, passwords, extensions, etc. – onto the Google server. Google Chrome comes with built-in malware protection and auto-updates, so this is the most secure choice for web browsing, checking emails, surfing the internet, etc.
  • Mozilla Firefox. This is yet another example of a portable app posing as a web browser. Mozilla Firefox allows pop-up blocking and automatic updates, making it an extremely secure option for a portable app. Also, Firefox ensures the saving of bookmarks and extensions, which can also be accessed on another computer.
  • LMMS. Linux Multimedia Studio, as the name suggests, is a portable app for Linux operating system. Usually, music production software takes up a lot of space on the hard drive. LMMS is a portable alternative for such an alternative that allows creating melodies and beats, mixing sounds, and adding and editing effects to any sound samples. There are options for instrument and effect plugins as well. LMMS makes for a great option for music lovers.
  • AbiWord. This is a free word processing portable program that is similar to the Microsoft Word in Windows operating system. It can support multiple formats such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Open Document, Office Open XML, RTF, HTML, and more. There is also an option for grammar and spelling checks as well as mail merging capabilities. A plugin system in AbiWord allows you to add features with available add-on plugins.
  • CCleaner Portable. With CCleaner Portable, you can clean up the files in your system and ensure that the computer is protected from viruses. CCleaner also cleans out cookies and files that put any sort of privacy at risk. It is used for the Windows operating system.
  • Gimp. It is an alternative to Photoshop for Mac and Windows users. This portable app has an impressive array of photo-editing functionalities. Editing and exporting images can take up a lot of storage space, but Gimp’s portable version doesn’t do any of that. The plus point is that this app is free to use. It can also be used to create new designs using the paint program, or also convert image formats. 

These USB portable apps are very handy. They can be used to perform multiple different functions for different activities. Even though these are the best portable apps you will find out there, these are not the only ones. If you go online, you will find results for many other portable apps, and they might include new tricks and tips in helping you get any job done. You just need to have a working internet connection to navigate through many different portable apps to get to the one that is most suitable for your needs. 

Along with looking up other portable apps, most of the portable apps also need an internet connection to function. You can try looking through Xfinity internet prices to find the cheapest or most reasonable internet connection and use it to browse through many portable apps available on the internet. 

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