What Are The Pokemon TCG Futsal Promo Cards?

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The most recent card in the Pokemon tcg current Futsal Set is pokemon scorebunny on the Ball. Collectors have been enigma by these UK-exclusive cards for a variety of reasons. Here’s what this mini-set is all about, as well as where you may get these cards.

Pokemon tcg futsal promo card – announcement

The UK-exclusive GAME store entered into a partnership with the Pokemon tcg last year. They announced, on their website:

The FA has partnered with pokemon for a fantastic collaboration that will appeal to both Futsal and Pokémon lovers. The pokemon trading cards Game Exclusive cards are now available at GAME! These GAME Exclusive Pokémon cards feature fan-favorite pikachu dressed in England football gear. Eevee on the Ball and Grookey on the Ball were the only two issued cards until this week.

Pokemon Unite does not require an active Nintendo Switch console Online subscription

Scorbunny on the Ball: The Game was then announced by GAME. Scorbunny is the third Pokémon Futsal card to be released. Now is the time to add this high-scoring Pokémon to your collection. Keep an eye out for the fourth and final card in this special set, which will reveal who will appear on it. Only certain Pokémon Trading Card Game bundles and a £15 minimum expenditure in stores will be able to get these rare cards. Collect them all!

Pokemon tcg futsal promo card – Know More

Now, that last bit is where some of the ambiguity arises. When you look at the cards, you’ll notice that they’re all numbered:

  • Eevee on the Ball: 2/5
  • Grookey on the Ball: 3/5
  • Scorbunny on the Ball: 4/5

The card confirmed to be 5/5 is the as-of-yet unreleased and unrevealed Sobble on the Ball.

So, if there are only four cards in all, what’s the one that’s missing?

It’s the enigmatic pokemon pikachu on the Ball (1/5) that hasn’t been released yet. It was supposed to be included in the Futsal package, but not in the GAME promotion. It was revealed that it would be included in pokemon pre release kit bundles delivered to chosen applicants for the FA Pokémon Youth Futsal Program for the 2020–2021 season. The deadline for registration was September 11, 2020. This makes the card highly rare, however it appears to have been harmed by the pandemic because it is currently unavailable. No one knows when or how it will appear.

Final note 

These cards are now exclusively accessible in England, although many buyers are reselling them to international collectors online. Besides this, one can obtain the three current cards on his own, however they are not as inexpensive as if they had been available in a local store. It’s amusing to consider that the current American promotional card is a reproduction with a GAMESTOP logo strewn about as if someone were stamping them half asleep. One can rather have a Pikachu on the original gamecube controller. And, in case you’re wondering, you shouldn’t feel terrible if you don’t know what Futsal is.

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