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What Smite executes in Minecraft?. Minecraft users usually feel confused between Sharpness and Smite. Both spells give amazing and unique benefits and this guide will show the advantages and feasibility of Smite.

Progress in Minecraft is not possible without upgrading armor, tools, and weapons. For this, the game has a mechanic called enchantments, which either enhance the existing abilities of an item or add new abilities. For players who care, enchanted products also have a different animation.

Smite is an enchantment in Minecraft which can be used on axes and swords (Java edition swords only). Here’s the reason you should utilize it while catching up on enemies.

  • Need of Smite in Minecraft
  • Which is preferable: Smite or Sharpness

Need of Smite in Minecraft

In short, What Smite executes in Minecraft helps increase damage against demonic mobs.

There are five Smite levels that can be unlocked by Minecraft users. With every level, the damage caused against demonic Mobs rises by 2.5 points. So, Smite V can give 12.5 more damage.

Given below is the list of Demonic mobs in Minecraft:

  • Skeleton
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Wither
    • Stray
    • Spider Jockey
    • Skeleton Horseman
    • Skeleton Horse
  • Zombie
    • Chicken Jockey
    • Drowned
    • Husk
    • Zoglin
    • Zombie
    • Horse Zombie
    • Zombie Villager
    • Zombified Pigin
  • Phantom

These enemies are often hostile and have unique properties for example taking damage from healing potions and healing from potion damage. Demonic mobs are unaffected by going under (except husks and zombies) and poison damage.

Smite enchantments are incompatible with sharpness, so players are always skeptical of their features.

Smite vs Sharpness: Which is the best Minecraft enchantment?

The Smite increases damage to undead mobs, but sharpness has the same effect on all enemies. Sharpness V deals 10 additional points of damage to the weapon. Also it is not significantly more powerful than Smite. However, sharpness is a universal effect, and Smite has an advantage only in certain situations.

Therefore, when fighting Wither, it’s easier to choose Smite over Sharpness. At the other end of the spectrum, sharpness is generally more beneficial.

Enchantment is just one of the countless features that Mojang’s sandbox video games offer. It allows you to ride a horse. And here is our guide on how to tame and ride a horse in Minecraft.

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