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WhatsApp beta update- Messaging app to allow voice message review before sending



WhatsApp beta update- Techvivi

Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow Android users to listen to their voice messages before sending them. “Review voice message” feature was submitted in WhatsApp beta update for Android This feature will be launched in future. 

WhatsApp beta update for ioS

According to the WABetaInfo report- “Review voice message” feature was under development for ioS. Moreover now messaging app, WhatsApp has started working to get this feature for Android users. WhatsApp includes the opportunity to check voice messages, but the method is complicated. It will be easy to activate the new voice message review option using the new voice message review function.

WhatsApp new feature including “view more”

How will WhatsApp beta update work?

The feature will allow users to listen to the recorded audio that they want to send. This feature will provide a stop button. Presently, users have a button but the button deletes the whole audio message. Moreover, the button will be changed to a stop button. “These days, we need all the time-saving techniques and tactics we can find,” WhatsApp added. As a result, audio messages on WhatsApp are an especially valuable tool for those who are short on time, multitasking, or have friends and family in various time zones.”

WhatsApp beta features

  1. There is no cost to send messages internationally. You can chat with your kith & kins internationally without any cost.
  2. You can set a profile that is shown to all your contacts.
  3. There is no confusion about whether to log in or log off. At once you can log into multiple devices. 

Final Note

The new feature to review voice messages is expected to be launched soon. WhatsApp has started working on it. Presently, this feature is there in the app. But a new feature will make it easier to review the voice messages. This feature will make your WhatsApp experience amazing. 

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