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To remain ahead of rivals, WhatsApp is always adding new features to it’s platform. As a result, users get access to very handy conversation tools. These new WhatsApp feature might enhance user privacy, introduce additional functionality, or adjust the interface. For a limited number of beta users, the app began testing its multi-device capability last month. End-to-end encrypted backups were also tested briefly. As of today, all users of the app will be able to view vanishing photos only once. I am always waiting to update my whatsapp to latest version. 

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whatsapp beta update- Messaging app to allow voice message review before sending

WhatsApp has rolled out its “View Once” feature. This feature deletes photographs and videos from your chat after the recipient has viewed them. Tap the “1” button to the left of the transmit button to see a photo or video once before sending it. This is still something like a disappearing message. The recipient will be able to recognize that it’s a disappearing photo, so it’s still the type of thing you only want to use for people you trust to not take a screenshot. Each will also include an unique “one-time” icon.

WhatsApp feature View Once – Announcement

The company announced on Tuesday that the recipient’s Photos or Gallery will not be able to save the media. The receiver will be able to view the view-once photo or video only once. WhatsApp added that it was working on the issues. Additionally, View Once media is protected by end-to-end encryption, so the company cannot access it.

Facebook described the idea behind the new feature in a blog on Tuesday. In addition to improving user privacy by automatically deleting messages after a specific amount of time, WhatsApp created this tool for to keep your phone organized. For clarity, the message will appear as “opened” after the media has been seen by the recipient.

Final Note

This WhatsApp features has it’s own advantage which attracts more users towards WhatsApp. It’s disappearing messages, which are available exclusively for a week, and a permanent record of your chat would be great.

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