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WhatsApp Found a New Way to ‘Disturb’ You With Notifications



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WhatsApp may become even more irritating for some users as the company has rumoured to be working on the new type of notification.

So, what’s the strategic approach? You will receive a notification if someone responds to one of your messages. Fortunately, you will also find the option to disable it. WhatsApp’s much-anticipated message reaction function appears to be gaining pace. As the instant messaging provider is now rumoured to be working on a ‘reaction notifications’ feature.

WhatsApp New Updates

The update was noticed on new WhatsApp version for Android v2.21.24.8. According to a graphic shared by the publication, that allows users to manage “response notifications,” which means they can choose whether or not they want alerts when someone “reacts to their message”.

The expected’ message reaction’ feature of WhatsApp would effectively allow users to react to messages using emoticons. For example as heart or thumbs up that are already accessible on its sibling platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

How To Track WhatsApp Chats Secretly?

The ability to manage “response notification” will be found in the main Settings menu. But it is unclear whether users will receive the same feature for individual chats or groups. Although the change may not appear to be important; it is always beneficial to have more alternatives for limiting screen time.

The same publication previously reported that WhatsApp users would be able to respond to messages using any emoji. Similarly, messages can contain a “unlimited number of reactions,” but if there are more than 999, it will display “999+”.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on many of the new features, including HD features. This will allow users to send and receive images and videos without having to compress the quality.

Final Note

Soon, the platform may offer a pause and resume feature for Voice Recording. According to reports, the app is working on another feature that would allow users to hide their last seen from certain individuals. It’s possible that it’ll include a comparable option for displaying profile photographs.

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