WhatsApp is testing “My Contacts Except…” option for Whatsapp Last Seen

whatsapp last seen

You must be looking for ways on how to hide your last seen on whatsapp or whatsapp last seen? We got you covered.WhatsApp introduced some new privacy settings, like last seen and profile picture visibility, earlier. Now, it’s time for some fresh revival. With everything going online we become more active on the internet. The usage of platforms like WhatsApp also increases. That is the reason why developers of WhatsApp are focussing more and more on privacy.

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In regard to the last seen option, there are three options at present – Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. You can even choose with whom you want to share your last seen status, as per the requirement. Now, WhatsApp is trying to become more advance. It is trying to provide more customization on top of the existing, by adding the “My Contacts Except…” option.In the upcoming articles we will be covering topics like whatsapp last seen issue,whatsapp last seen online,whatsapp last seen tracker etc . Also we will be covering topics like how to freeze last seen on whatsapp and whatsapp last seen checker etc.

WhatsApp is testing the “My Contacts Except…” option for Whatsapp Last Seen

With the help of this option you can filter out with whom you want to hide things. This option is already available in the Status Privacy section. Everyone on your contact list will be able to see your last seen details, except those whom you selected to hide from. This activity was first tracked by WaBetaInfo, as usual.

For now, we cant figure out when we can see this option in real life.No information regarding the launch of this feature was conveyed by WhatsApp.

In other news, Apple is also working towards the privacy of its users. Apple is one organization that considers the privacy of its users extremely seriously. With the coming up of all its new updates the company is introducing new features to increase its privacy and security even better. Last week Friday, the company announced the improve the proposed child safety features after the criticism of the system on privacy and other grounds both inside and outside the company.

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The company promised earlier that will be checking the U.S. customer phones and computers for child sex abuse and pornography images. This step was criticized by a wide range of rights groups, and even some of the company’s employees.

Many people believe that this new feature can also help to exploit content by repressive governments looking to find other material for censorship or arrests. In regard to all these allegations, Apple stated that it would allow security researchers to verify its claims. The company will introduce more advancements in this feature in the future.

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