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WhatsApp latest update- UI shift puts money transfers front-and-center



WhatsApp latest update-

Nowadays, mobile payment applications are quite famous, but no one wants to install a separate application to handle their finances. Over the last year or so, WhatsApp has been gradually expanding its own built-in transactions function, and with the introduction of all its newest beta version for Android, it’s much simpler to use. In this article you will come to know about WhatsApp latest update.

WhatsApp New Feature Message Without Phone

WhatsApp latest update at different locations

Users in India, one of the two locations where the app allows mobile payments, can now utilize this button. Users in Brazil can also use this feature, but evidence has not yet emerged. Sadly, some places don’t yet have payment functionality, thus the shortcut will not do them a good thing. Given that Facebook Pay and comparable rivals are now considerably broader. Moreover, in the future months it is hoped that the deployment of WhatsApp will continue to increase. If you are in any area and want to try the beta functionality; please make sure that you download the newest APK from APK Mirror.

According to WABetaInfo- new method for transferring money to family and friends is presently under development. To send a money in previous versions of WhatsApp, you had to open the action sheet from within a conversation thread. A new shortcut for transferring payments appears in line with the conversation bar in WhatsApp for Android version 2.21.17.

What about WhatsApp latest update for status?

Now a day’s WhatsApp is very popular messaging application. The user can send unlimited messages, Images, Voice messages, Video Call, Audio call. It has advantages and disadvantages are them. We have to connect our family and friends at any time using WhatsApp. The WhatsApp latest update of this application is upload status. It is very interesting one. We can control which of our contacts can see that updated status. Status which include text, videos and images. Once we added a status that appear in 24 hours only, then after it automatically removed.

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