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To add new amazing features, updates in the apps are mandatory. The messaging app named Whatsapp is also working on the same. Soon, the users will get to witness some new exciting features in the said app. Recently, Whatsapp shared a Tweet. It features a kind of tracker titled WABetaInfo. Now, what does this newly added feature indicates or signifies? Well, through the help of the tracker, all the users of the said messaging app can easily change the colours of their individual chatbox.

What are the new features?

Since it’s kind of a lighter green shade now, the app’s users will quickly be able to change it to a darker green shade. Now, the users can enjoy this astonishing feature on their devices. This will definitely provide a new look to their chat boxes and the conversations might get interesting as well. However, no such confirmation regarding the addition of this new feature has witnessed so far. Though, it is expected, that the colour feature might hit the app sooner.

Besides the colour-changing feature, the Facebook-owned messaging app is also planning to drop another brand new feature alongside. Yes, the creators have designed a feature that will blow the users’ mind in no time. As per the sources, the information is regarding the new feature related to the voice messages. As the users are enjoying the feature where they can easily share their voice record for some time, they will witness another alteration in the said feature.

 Modifications in Voice Messaging feature:

This new feature includes modifying the speed of that respective voice message. Now, they will be able to change the speed the way they prefer it. Though, this feature has gotten introduced on the Beta version of Whatsapp. For those unaware, this version features new updates and all the testing of the upcoming features got tested there first. To enjoy the latest updates of the messenger app, the users can simply install the Beta version on their smartphones.

Well, the feature of changing the speed will only be available for all iOS users. Later, it might get available for android users as well. The speed, available for convenient change will lie between 1x, 1.5x and 2x. These will be the levels through which the user will set their voice message speed. So using these mentioned levels, the users can listen to the audio files at their chosen speeds.

WABetaInfo Report:

While for iOS users, the creators of Whatsapp are working on the Whatsapp Web Beta Programme. This programme is already spotted for android users. It had come to light in January. Now, the creators are planning to make the feature available on the iOS Beta versions as well. Using this particular feature, you will be able to use Whatsapp Web without keeping your phone connected to the web. Yes, it will allow the users to run Whatsapp on their laptops or desktop easily.

 WABetaInfo has stated about this feature. According to them, this said feature falls into multi-device functionalities. So basically, if you want to use Whatsapp Web, you can open it on four desktops simultaneously that too without any connection with your smartphone. Though, this feature will not immediately come into action. The process will definitely take some time. The report continues that some of the important things like deletion of the sent messages and the other essential features will be added over time.

Altogether, this feature’s execution is underprocessing and the users will soon get to enjoy this new feature on Whatsapp. Firstly, it will get added in the Beta versions. After testing it properly, it will make it available for both iOS and Andriod smartphones or desktops respectively. The Beta programme will be properly available for the Whatsapp Business app. So doesn’t matter if you are using the latest Beta version of iOS or not, you are definitely not going to experience these features anytime sooner.

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