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Windows 11 features – The new design of Windows 11 has been released to testers by Microsoft. The latest version of Windows has rounded corners, a centered taskbar, and new widgets. In terms of look and feel, the OS is moving toward being more like the Apple macOS. In addition to being available directly from the taskbar, these widgets have been around for a while. Several Microsoft apps have now been updated.

With Windows 11, you’ll be able to run Android apps natively. To support Android apps, the company has partnered with Amazon. Therefore, you will have to login into your Amazon account to download apps from Android on Windows 10. The OS will also integrate Microsoft Teams. Using Microsoft, users can send and receive messages and video calls in one place. From the Windows 11 taskbar, you can now access Teams directly.

As part of its multitasking features, Microsoft has also added Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, a feature that enables you to display applications in the taskbar that are running at the same time running simultaneously.

Here are some of the Windows 11 features which will are great to have, as said by Microsoft.

  1. Widgets

 As for the look and feel, Windows 11 moves closer to macOS. Previously there was an option to access widgets from the taskbar, but now they can be accessed directly. In addition, they can be customized to suit your needs.

2. Better Interface

 Clean design is the hallmark of the new OS. The new Windows 11 design is all-in for Microsoft. With its rounded corners and centered Start menu, it has a rounded look. However, the latter can be customized to display on the usual left side of the screen if you wish.

3. Microsoft Teams Integrated

Video conferencing apps like Facetime used for purposes other than business are in Microsoft’s sights. Therefore, the company integrates Microsoft Teams with Windows 11 to provide users with a unified messaging and conferencing solution. Windows 11’s taskbar now offers direct access to Teams.

4. Android Apps

Microsoft offers Windows 11 apps that run on Android. Microsoft Store users can install them from there. It’s not all roses, though. With Amazon’s support, the company offers Android apps. Therefore, you will have to log in to your Amazon account to download apps from Android on Windows 10.

5. Xbox Gaming

 Windows 11 will include several Xbox features. With DirectStorage and AutoHDR support, you can play games on your devices to their full potential.

6. Great Multitasking

In Windows 11, two new features improve multitasking. Using Snap Groups and Snap Layouts in the taskbar, you can organize apps you’re using simultaneously. A multitasking environment can be launched and minimized at the same time. Additionally, you can now plug and unplug an extended monitor without any problems. 

Final Words

  • Recently, Microsoft Windows 11 has gained a lot of attention. Mail, calendar, snipping, and many other old apps have been redesigned and enhanced with new features.
  • Although a Windows 11 release date has not yet been announced, it is expected to roll out by year’s end. The beta is now available for download, however. 
  • As this Microsoft operating system has been used globally on a global scale by individuals and corporations since it was launched, each change is being covered minutely by viewers.
  • You’ll want to try out these six new features in Windows 11.

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