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The first beta of Windows 11 has also been made available to individuals who have signed up for Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program. Installing the Dev version, which Microsoft says is for “very technical people” since it has “rough edges,” was the only way to obtain access to Windows 11 until today. The beta release is less volatile, according to Microsoft, because builds are validated by the company. Some Windows 11 taskbar changes, such as Microsoft’s choice to lock the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and prevent users from dragging and dropping apps, shortcuts, or files onto the taskbar, have irritated Windows enthusiasts.

Windows 11- Requirements

You’ll need a suitable computer to install the beta. It’s typically difficult to figure out if your gear will function with the next version of Windows. But Microsoft’s blog about preparing for Exclusive versions links visitors to its system requirements website. The business has stated that it will be closely monitoring the performance of 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPUs during the testing phase. So certain computers may be allowed to run the beta but not the final version.

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The beta release is also good news, for those who installed the Dev preview to get a hands on Windows 11. But don’t need to be on the edge. If you’re in the same boat as me, you can go to the Beta channel by navigating to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program. Then select Choose your Insider Settings. Switching from Dev to Beta usually necessitates a full OS reinstall. But the Windows Insider Twitter account claims that it will be possible to do so in place for a “limited amount of time”. If you don’t need to stay on the Dev channel. It’s probably ideal to go on that as quickly as possible.

Final Note

If you’re still using Windows 10 but you are thinking for window replacement, so you can  participate in the test; you can sign up for Microsoft’s beta programme here. While Microsoft claims that Beta Channel releases are more stable than Dev Channel releases, they remain betas. There will almost certainly be problems, crashes, and missing functionality. Microsoft even has a full list of current difficulties in its blog post isn’t yet available for beta users. However, if you’ve been eager to try out Windows 11. It’s operating system is now solid enough that Microsoft is willing to declare it ready for early users.

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