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Windows 11 Settings You Need To Check Out Right Now



There are several Windows 11 settings you need to check out. There are a lot of changes including graphical and functional. You need to invest some time to understand all these updates. If you have recently put an upgrade to Windows 11, you can achieve some immediate productivity improvements. All you need is to modify some controls to make it more like Windows 10. Here are five options to look into right after switching to Windows 11 or powering it up.

5 Settings You Need To Check 

The start button has to be reset

The macOS-like Start screen is now centre-aligned which you will notice on Windows 11 for the first. Every application is pin, including the Start button, are pinned to the screen’s centre. You may, however, reverse this and reposition your taskbar to the left.

Clear tick from the applications that you don’t need as pin to the Task manager in the “Taskbar items” section.

Restore the original context menu

Once you right-click on any file or folder in Windows 11, a new context menu appears. It shows several frequently use choices hiding beneath a new ‘Show more options’ button. While some users may prefer this new design, others may find that frequently used features are now hidden behind an extra click.

New window-snapping feature

Rather than the customary 50-50 split, Windows 11 gives several window snapping defaults. You may also easily snap three or four windows into position with the new choices.

For using this functionality, simply drag your mouse over the ‘Maximise’ button on any window and the new  options will  be there.  When you select a layout, Windows will instantly align your open windows to that layout.

Shake feature in the title bar

If you frequently work with many windows and apps open at the same time, the ‘Title Bar shaking’ feature is a bonus. If you have several windows open, simply select the title bar of the main window. You can move the screen you are working on  to left and right a few times to minimise them all.

However, in order for this function to work, you first need to activate this Windows 11 Settings. To accomplish this, follow the path Windows Settings/ System/ Multitasking and enable the ‘Title bar window shake’ option.


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