Microsoft put PCs in the clouds with Windows 365 previously. Now, these Cloud PCs provide a glimpse into Windows 11. Organizations can use Windows 365 to use Cloud PCs through Livestream, a version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 on an internet browser. There are several applications using it such as  Citrix & others for years. Microsoft will soon enable Windows 11 PCs to connect directly to Windows 365 Clouds PCs. Simply switch among platforms using Windows 11’s virtualized desktops technology.

It is indeed a part of a dual work drive for Windows. It allows companies to enable a combination of remote working on regular pcs and virtual cloud-powered gadgets. Microsoft is creating 3 latest Windows 365 functions that’ll be closely affiliated into the operating system.

Microsoft is incorporating Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Windows 365 Boot: This is the first one that allows Windows 11 systems to log in to a Cloud PC version rather than a local Windows installation during launch. This intends for gadgets that are accessible by several individuals or for organizations that permit staff to bring their own devices in the workplace (BYOD). As per the reports,  it allows various individuals to log in immediately towards their own unique & safe Windows 365 Cloud PC with unique credentials.”

The second alternative to be given is Windows 365 Switch. This interface will allow Windows 365 subscribers to change in between local computers or a Cloud PC inside Windows 11 as the names suggest. This will get a link to Windows 11’s Task Views (virtual desktops) functionality. It will enable some of the essential keyboard shortcuts and swiping movements.

Microsoft is also developing a solution for Windows 365 that may be able to work remotely. This will be a solution in case you will not have access to a Cloud PC. “Once access is rebuilt, the Cloud PC can immediately resync with both the Windows 365 service by saving data. Also, it ensures a consistent user interface and workflow.

Final Note

Finally, a native Windows 365 application will be available for Windows 11. Windows11 user will be ready to initiate a Cloud PC again from Taskbar or Start menu, rather than having to open a browser. These modifications may indicate a shift in Windows’ path. Microsoft intends to keep blending Windows 365 & Windows 11 there in the future.


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