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Winzo charge Google for not letting non-rummy on the Play Store. Winzo, an app maker of poker, rummy, and casual games, announced Tuesday. The announcement was that it has filed a case against Google in the Delhi High Court. Google does not allow real money gaming apps that allow betting or gambling in India.

Pilot Project

Google’s limited scope for this pilot project deepens the monopoly of fantasy sports companies like Dream11 and hurts developers like Winzo with multiple real-money game concepts in their apps, says Winzo co-founder, Saumya Singh Rathore told Enttrackr.

Google declined to comment. The company has not ruled out including other real money gaming apps in the pilot.

Not the first time for google

This isn’t the first time it has sued Google for distributing its apps. Rathore told his Enttrackr that the warning changed 75 of his 100 users who installed the app.

In court records received by Enttrackr, Google’s lawyers said the lawsuit was “frivolous, fruitless, and compelling,”. Also, that Chrome, like other browsers, has been removed from the Play Store. It displayed a similar message for all APK files downloaded outside of Winzo, claiming that Winzo was not the only one. to this request. Google said its IT regulations for 2021 allow this prompt to appear as a security measure.

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