Working in Microsoft

Working in Microsoft 

being the world’s best tech company, working in Microsoft demonstrates this beautifully with its highly employee-friendly environment.

Besides fostering a relaxed work environment and flexible hours, the company also ensures the comfort of its employees and provides them with leisurely activities.

Microsoft – A boon to working here

Despite your feelings of jealousy, take a moment to consider this: Nothing in life is free. There are 15 paid holidays and ten sick days, and eight weeks of parental leave. Employees get 10% off stock and 15 paid vacation days. We will give you a complete list of other such provisions. Please note that Microsoft employees don’t usually have strict professional guidelines to follow.

Whether they work at home or in the office, they can schedule their meetings and organize their days accordingly. Team managers assist them in setting goals, and they are expected to plan how to achieve these goals on their own. The punch-in and punch-out mechanisms do not exist strictly. Don’t you think it’s fantastic?

Workouts at the gym and fitness

Alternatively, its employees can spend extra money on a fitness program of their choosing. Also, Sports PRO Club membership is free.

A retail shop and a sports field are located on the campus

There is more to work than work. Microsoft US has The Commons on-campus, a social center that houses a restaurant, salon, mail center, bank, and mini-day spa. Think about spending your free time shopping in retail shops for the newest biking and ski gear on the campus if you love adventure sports.

Checking out sports equipment

You can also hire a bicycle, a Frisbee, a basketball, a soccer ball, a bocce ball, a football, a volleyball, and even a football if you want to take a break.

On-campus cafes and kitchens

There are 33 coffee shops on campus, 37 espresso stands, and 500 kitchenettes filled with 35 types of free drinks. Stunning! It is the only three stars green corporate dining operation globally that serves 35,000 meals per day!

Shuttle and bus fleet for the Microsoft Connector

More than 55 coaches and shuttles with wi-fi and power carry employees to and from work in the Seattle area, saving over 220,000 car trips annually. As soon as you arrive on campus, you can hop between buildings with the shuttles. We are still a long way away from receiving this type of service in India.

The clubs

The Microsoft social club has something for everyone, from dodgeball to photography to theater. It tells me to begin one if one hasn’t been started!

Getting a discount

At throwaway prices, Microsoft products are available to employees at substantial discounts through their company store. Many discounts are available for nationwide and local lifestyle services, such as restaurants, travel, spas, pet care, and auto repairs. Besides technology, sports, and entertainment discounts, they get special offers and discounts on arts and entertainment.

Final Words

We offer flexible work hours to suit your schedule, whether an early riser or a night owl. It’s simple: There is no dress code. You have your style, and the company expects you to express it.

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